Kim Churchill

Kim Churchill’s style is explosive, with intricate fingerpicking, percussive beats on the body of the guitar, and two-handed tapping intertwined with an earthy stomp box, powerful harmonica melodies and soulful voice. His songwriting reflects his coastal lifestyle growing up on the East Coast of Australia, with the surf at his front door as well as his nomadic life on the road.

Kim started his classical guitar training when he was six years old and has since developed a passion and incredible work ethic for his craft. His hands literally dance all over the instrument, banging, taping, fluttering and picking at the strings with purpose and precision. It’s easy to get hypnotized by his hands, and thus to become lost in the sound and the soul of the music.

He’s a true blue Aussie; a surfer with a connection to the sea that spills out in his performances, even when he’s a long, long way from the beach. And he’s a reminder to us all that choosing what’s in your heart is better than choosing what’s in your head.


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